New Hop and a Winner!

Hello! It has been a while...

and after a very fun, successful trip to Houston,
I am so ready to get back to "normal"....
I heard someone say that "normal"
is just a setting in your dryer, he he! I agree!
... but I'll still give it a try, LOL!

I want to thank everyone for visiting during the
Glorious Autumn Block Party hosted by Michele.
I really enjoyed reading all about what you love most about quilting!
For me, it's the color, the fabric,
and the wonderful friends I've met thanks to quilting!
So.... the winner of my Autumn Bliss Pattern and charm pack is:
Rebecca Grace! She said... 

"You come up with the sweetest designs,
and this tree is no exception. Adorable! 

What do I like most about quilting?
I love that, unlike the hours I spend making meals that just get eaten,
washing laundry that just gets dirty again, etc.,
quilting gives me something lasting to show for my work.
And I like playing with fabric. :-)"

Love, love...°Ü°

And did you know about the "UR Priceless" Blog Hop going on right now?

Check out today's participants... you'll love their beautiful creations!

Day 1 - Monday, Nov. 5th
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And don't forget to come back on Thursday the 8th to see my little purses!

Happy hopping,

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