Good morning!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!
Temps around here have been pretty hot,
but last week was so nice I actually had several mornings
where I could seat on my swing with a cup of coffee and
enjoy all the birds and cute little squirrels playing all around me!
This has been a crazy time for us with the loss of power
but I'm making progress and things are finally getting back to normal
and yes, I'm getting to do a little sewing again! I've missed it so much...
I've started working on several projects, a new block of the month,
a sew-along, and last week I had a wonderful time helping a friend
make Christmas stockings for her church.

But first, I've got to tell you about an awesome blog tour
all about Christmas! It starts today and goes on til July 24th!
Visit Amanda's blog for great Christmas inspiration.


So this year I had my very own booth
at Spring Quilt Market in Portland, OR.
It was also my first visit to the west coast and loved it!
Portland was beautiful, very lush and green,
and loved the 0% humidity! 
...almost ready to open...
can you believe I didn't get many pictures!!!
Market was great,
even thought it was a little crazy
getting ready, I'm glad I did it!
I had four new patterns...

I'll tell you more about these over the next few days...
...and come back for a chance to win some of my patterns!
Thanks to a wonderful new friend,
Market was a great experience! 
I roomed with Amanda and am so grateful to have met
her through a mutual friend... we have so much in common,
we even share the same birthday,
enjoy the same foods,
and are homeschooling moms...
well, I was until 2005!...
Don't you just love her quilts?
I'm working on her beautiful Holiday Forest and hope to show it
next Tuesday on my day in her Modern Holiday blog tour.