My list of UFOs

I thought it was better than this:

Group A: I have 42 almost done of which 21 need quilting and or small details such as a little shading with paint, beads, etc., 1 is a bag already quilted; just need to cut and construct and 20 only need binding and labels – can’t believe they’re not finished – okay, binding is my least favorite part of quilting…

Group B: I have to confess, that I love everything in my UFO stash and the ones I will give away will be because they were started out as gifts for someone – just never had a definite year of completion goal.

Group C: I have 39 partially done that I love and want to finish. I want to focus on three of this first.

Group D: I have 1 partially done purse that needs to be repurposed!

Group E: 9 barley started and one will be discarded

So that’s it, a total of 91 and plans to have them finished by the end of the year… but what year….ha!

I made these little cards to keep track of my progress: