Playing with EQ

I love Electric Quilt and have been playing with it since 2005. Sometimes I do my own thing and others, I love to "sketch" ideas I see in magazines, books, etc. A couple of weeks ago, one of my quilting friends showed me this site. We fell in love with this version and, without a second thought, decided we had to make this one, a combination of "Storm at Sea" and "Snail's Trail" blocks.

So last night, I started playing with several other blocks...
...and these are a few of my favorite layouts so far:

In case you're wondering about all that orange...
well, for Christmas '09, I bought a slightly bright vehicle...

...yeah, no way anybody can miss me on the road, lol!
and ever since then, I really LOVE orange, ha!

I will be paper-piecing this quilt. Would you like the block patterns?

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