On my Design Wall today...

...is Henrietta! A Bunny Hill Designs pattern about a cute little squirrel
We have an abundance of squirrels in our property
and sometimes I love them and others...
well, I wont say, but....
Anyways, I just had to make this cute quilt and it's going pretty fast!
With only 2 more background blocks to complete,
I'll start working on the appliques tonight.

I love to store my quilts in progress in these little folders,
filled with sheet protective sleeves,
one sleeve per block 

I like to trace my fusible in the evenings in front of the tube...
can't just sit there and kill brain cells, lol

All my applique pieces have been traced, cut, and insides trimmed
- I want a soft finish. and now for the fun!
I'll be working on this with my Cherry Blossom Quilters!

Visit Judy's blog for more eye candy!!!

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